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Camp Keep + STEMTaught

STEMTaught visited Camp Keep to collaborate with and contribute to the Camp Keep experience. Thousands of kids will benefit from using STEMTaught microscopes to view plankton and other microorganisms when they come back to the dome after their  belly biology activity. 

Outreach Projects:

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Kern County Schools + STEMTaught

The past five years STEMTaught has focused on helping Kern County Schools bring more hands-on into the classroom. With over 2,000 volunteer class lab visits and many schools needing help with supplies STEMTaught is making a difference in Kern County.  See how you can help.

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Havasupai Nation + STEMTaught

30 miles on foot, 5 days of volunteering, 1 teacher development workshop and $5,000 in STEM supplies were donated this week by the STEMTaught Foundation to help this schools  situation. This is the most remote elementary school in the United States and getting supplies there was no small issue. Luckily when we arrived at the school site, a n amazing Navjo principal and some great teachers stepped in to help. 

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One year after the devastating ridge fire that consumed the town of Paradise California we found students still in need. Schools have not been rebuilt yet. Supplies and curriculum have not been replaced. Teachers are tired and needed respite. STEMTaught visited every classroom with a fun hands on lab. We left teachers with the supplies and curriculum they needed to keep engaging their class with hands-on learning. 

Butte County Schools + STEMTaught

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The STEMTaught Foundation was invited to the Tohono O'odham nation in Arizona by the principal of Santa Rosa Ranch school.  The nearest motel we could find while visiting this remote school was 2 hrs away. Wild horses roam amidst swaro cacti on the school's campus because of a nearby watering hole. Like all students, the native Tohono students need more hands-on STEM. Join with us to inspire and create bright futures for these students.

Tohono O'odham Nation + STEMTaught

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Your generous donation will go directly toward supporting outreach efforts at the projects you choose from the list above. You will be featured in a movie made for the project as well as on a plaque attached to the microscope cart. Your donation is tax deductible. The STEMTaught Foundation is a 501-C3 Nonprofit organization. 


Volunteering daily in K-6th classrooms is what we do best. Running excellent experienced based STEM labs brings positive memories that last a lifetime.  The best teacher training comes by supporting them in the classroom. We also organize needed supplies for schools to have quality hands-on STEM experiences.


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