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 #BlackScientists + STEMTaught

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Scientist Feature Video


In answer to the call for change STEMTaught wants to help bring Black scientists into the spotlight in public school classrooms. Every child needs a role model, an inspirational example of someone like you who adores their scientific field of study. The STEMTaught Journal is a science curriculum full of hands-on activities written by over 100 collaborating university students and professors of all cultures. STEMTaught shares its NGSS curriculum in public elementary schools across the nation. We will be featuring Black scientists as inspirational STEM role models in short videos which accompany each Journal article on our new online learning website.


Movies are a powerful way to advocate for change. Children across the nation will get to see you, talking about the science you are passionate about­– be it oceans, elephants, rocks, birds, or bugs. We will set up a zoom interview with you and from that we can feature you in a video that will directly impact many children's lives. 


"I'm 100% interested"

How do I get started?

1.     Email us at to set up your zoom interview!

2.     Before the interview get some props or samples/tools ready to share or be

        in a location that can help us get to know you and what you study.

3.     We will record the zoom interview and our team will edit a video about you!


Your video will help teach kids in schools all over the nation and the world!

Helpful Hints


1.     Somewhere in the zoom interview it would be good to say these things:

           -"Hi, my name is _______,

           - I am an (name the type of scientist you are)

           - A description of your field of study (example: An ornithologist is a scientist that studies birds)

2.       Be creative and have fun teaching kids (the audience will be 5-12 year olds). The purpose of the video is for children              to be inspired by real scientists. They will see for themselves that science is fun and the opportunities are diverse.

3.       After our interview with you email us any footage or photos you have from field work/lab work. This will help our                    team as we edit your zoom interview and create some short videos for students.


In your interview you can take us on a tour of your lab or university, you can show kids what you do for research or work, or you can teach kids more about a specific subject. 

   Check out the amazing scientists that have reached out!

We have lots of articles left so email us to help change the world;)


If you're interested in becoming a published author by writing an article for the STEMTaught Journal, please go to 

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