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Havasupai Nation + STEMTaught

Join us to support the most remote elementary school in the nation!

 Havasupai is the lowest performing school in the Bureau of Indian Education. STEMTaught's goal is to make a positive difference in engaging students and to help them like learning more and have access to 21st century skills to help support their great nation.

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STEMTaught donates and transports hands-on supplies, books, and microscopes to the bottom of the Grand Canyon where this school is located. Havasupai Elementary needs ongoing support, better microscopes, micro:bits for coding and additional hands-on supplies. Teachers constantly change in this remote location and they are in need of quality professional development in coding and STEM labs to help these students enjoy 21st century skills. 


A Beautiful Nation

The Havasupai Nation is a beautiful nation in a beautiful place. In this unique community, after school is out, children ride horses and bicycles through the muddy streets and play basketball in the central town square. These children can have a hope for a bright future as productive contributors to making their nation a better place for their people and the thousands of visitors that visit each year for outdoor recreation. 


Amazing administrators make positive differences in the lives of the Havasupai children. STEMTaught is there to support these amazing people with supplies and curriculum.

STEMTaught's goal is to make a positive difference in engaging students and to help them like learning more. 

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STEMtaught brings fun and hands-on to the classroom. These students enjoy exploration activities with STEMtaught volunteers.

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Your generous donation will go directly toward supporting outreach efforts at Havasupai Elementary on the Havasupai Reservation. Help pay for their microscopes, books, and hands-on STEM supplies and ongoing support.

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