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Maui Schools Outreach

Families and students in Lahaina have been displaced from their homes and schools due to the Maui Wildfire in August 2023. We are providing STEM Supplies and volunteering resources to schools that burnt down. Help us help these families restore a few hours of education per week and bring hope for the future. 


Additional Information

The families in Lahaina had their whole world and routines turned upside down, not knowing what will happen with their future living situation. Students are meeting in groups outdoors, under tarps or traveling hours away to different schools. Schools have been burnt down in Lahaina and in September 2023 initiatives have begun to create alternative schooling situations, so children can have a conducive environment and for learning. The Department of Education is working on distance learning hubs and community members are collaborating with the city to create permanent school locations. These new initiatives will help them restore some normalcy and hope as the children can begin their education close by again. 

How will your donations impact our outreach?

The funds you contribute will help us send out volunteers to help with build alternative school environments and any other related projects to restore Lahaina's education. We will also be donating hundreds of STEM kits supplies and services to those schools.

Help us help these families by donating below!

Any questions?

Send us a message or contact us via email.

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